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  1. just bought Gran Turismo 6

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  3. dwiitt:

I need that front bumper and lip


    I need that front bumper and lip

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  4. dwiitt:

    Clutch kicks are fun

  5. I just wrote an 802 word essay comparing and contrasting the NA to the NB miata generations for my Comp class

  6. Anyone else have Destiny on ps3?
    My psn is Joblln
    Those are lowercase L’s not capital i’s

  7. "This is terrific descriptive writing, Dwight.  Onward to the Final Draft!"

    -My composition teacher after she read my rough draft of my 1200+ word essay on Miatas.

  8. I’ve written almost 1000 words and 3 pages about miatas for my comp class
    Wut up

  9. dontworrybout-it999 said: How does an American go about getting a 8-6 trueno

    I’ve actually seen a couple on craiglist. But I used to know the name of a site for importing jdm cars from japan. I’m sure you could find it. Best of luck. Let us know how your search turns out.